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FCWC 2008

In memory of Katherine Bukys: 
We have seen first-hand the wonderful experiences that happen at FCO's annual event, Flower City Work Camp. While serving homeowners in the city of Rochester, kids do real work, even at young age. The sense of accomplishment and real contribution really builds the kids up. In Katherine's first year (7th grade) she was the only kid on her team who fit under a sink, so she learned to sweat copper pipes. A few years later, she learned how to install asphalt shingles on a shed. We think it had a lifelong impact on her confidence about trying new things.

After Katherine's stroke and untimely death, as we did funeral preparations, we knew many people who were ready to make gestures of support, but we struggled with how to channel that — until our other daughter Elizabeth recalled how significant the Flower City Work Camp experience was to Katherine. So we invited people to make memorial gifts to Flower City Work Camp, and that worked out great. Now Flower City remains on our radar for continued charitable giving. For us, it's in Katherine's memory, and it encourages us when we think about how it invites young people to draw close to God and gives them the opportunity to have purposeful personal experiences.

Liudy and Pam Bukys
December 1, 2020

Still handy four years later in 2012